John J. Concado

Bilingual Actor, Voiceover Talent, aka Juanjo



THE NEW YORK TIMES: "John J. Concado is a judgmental pill who is somehow touchingly vulnerable."  Click for full review

NY THEATRE GUIDE: "John J. Concado as Matthew was a volcano on the verge of eruption. His repressed anxiety was exquisitely played. He exploded with such venom and vitriolic moral high grounding you didn't know if you wanted to slap him or praise him. He is a sensational actor who inhabited this part with a ferociousness that could start flash fires."  Click for full review 

THEATRE IS EASY: "And what acting it was. These are heavy hitters. Every performer on stage is complex, hilarious, and very real. John J. Concado as Matthew is brilliantly bizarre in a role that had the audience members behind me whispering "What the f***?"  Click for full review